Why should I plant them?

Hydrangeas are popular garden shrubs that flower in pink, white and blue. They bring an abundance of colour to any garden. They also have an old-fashioned, cottage style charm.

There are two types of flowering hydrangea – mophead and lacecap. Mophead varieties have large round flower heads resembling pom-poms. Lacecaps bear round flat flower heads.

The most popular variety is Hydrangea macrophylla, which comes in mophead and lacecap. Other good varieties include Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ and Hydrangea paniculata (Pee Gee).

Where should I plant them?

Hydrangeas like moist but well-draining soil and a sunny or partially shaded spot. They do not grow as well in windy conditions. The plants are easy to care for and fully hardy.

Over the winter hydrangeas lose their leaves, but they grow back the following spring.

Did you know?

Some hydrangea flowers can change colour depending on the soil type. The blue or pink flowered varieties of Hydrangea macrophylla, H. involucrata and H. serrata are all known to change colour.

This is down to soil pH, which affects the availability of aluminium. A low pH (acid soils), increases the uptake of aluminium, resulting in pink flowers. Neutral pH will give mauve flowers, and high pH (alkaline soils) will give blue flowers.

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