This warming winter dish is a perfect comfort food for those cosy evenings at home. This recipe card for chicken, kale and mushroom pot pie is easy to follow and you’ll have a tasty pie to serve.

Growing kale

You can grow kale in your garden to use in this pie recipe and many other recipes, even smoothies. To grow your own, sow the seeds between March and June in a seed bed.

Once the plants have germinated and grown around 5 or 6 leaves, plant the seedlings into their final position. Before planting, water the holes they are growing in very well.


Water when necessary to keep the soil moist and help to retain moisture by mulching. In spring a feed will help to boost growth.

From October onwards the kale will be ready for harvest. The young leaves should be removed from the top of the plant.

Protect your plants from birds and pests by covering them with a horticultural fleece or mesh so you can keep the kale for yourself.

Chicken, kale & mushroom pot pie

This chicken and mushroom one-pot can be turned into miniature pot pies by decanting the mixture into smaller pie dishes and topping them with smaller circles of puff pastry.

These ingredients make a serving for 4 people, but if that’s more than you need the leftovers can be frozen for another dinnertime.


Get cooking and you’ll soon have a delicious chicken, kale and mushroom pie recipe to add to your menu. I’d love to see what you make, so send me your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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