August is that time of year where bountiful blooms are bursting a riot of colour throughout your garden. And with the summer heat reaching its peak, there’s still so much fun to be had outside. Make the most of that summer sunshine with these top 3 jobs for August.

Look after your lawn

As temperatures soar, keep your lawn looking ship shape and begin preparing it for autumn months. Here are a few things you can do to keep your lawn looking lush:


1. Water
The best time to water is the moment when the soil is dry, but before it’s had a chance to brown. Water every 7-10 days to a depth of 10cm. If your soil has become hard and compacted, help water disperse by aerating the soil.


2. Feeding
Now that it’s had a good water, it’s time to give it a good feed. Apply a summer lawn fertiliser to moist soil to strengthen the grass and prevent weed formation. You can pick these up from most garden centres.


3. Mow
Possibly the most important task when it comes to summer maintenance. Mow up to 25mm twice a week. You can reduce this to once a week during periods of drought.

Harvesting herbs

Late summer is ideal for gathering herbs. You can easily cut back branches of rosemary, sage and bay plants to use in your food.


To harvest, find a new stem that hasn’t yet flowered and cut 10-15cm away from the plant at an angle just below the leaf joint. This is best done using a sharp pair of secateurs.

This is great to encourage new growth. You can use your cuttings for delicious herbal teas or make beautiful bouquets.

Early start

It’s best to take your snippets in early morning, making sure the plant has had adequate water. This guarantees they are as fresh and flavoursome as nature intended.

Why not try freezing mint leaves into your ice cubes for a refreshing summer addition to drinks.


Summer strawberries


If you’re strapped for summer cash, a cheap and easy cultivar that’s perfect for planting this month is the strawberry.

Now is an ideal time for planting these summer fruits, before the cold weather sets in.

Plant roughly 40cm apart in rows with the crown of the fruit just level to the soil.

Firmly pat down the soil and water regularly, avoiding the tops as this can cause disease.

To suppress weed growth and maintain water, you can grow them through white polythene sheeting or opt for a straw bedding to keep them clean.

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