Spring is finally here, which means there’s an abundance of colour to provide some cheer, whilst inviting some wonderful wildlife to your garden.

Here are my top plants for colour to bring you joy .

1. Viburnum


Sure to be a favourite for wildlife; blackbirds, thrushes and robins will love the shelter and berries, whilst pollinators appreciate the flowers. They grow well in well-drained soil.

2. Auricula


Auricula have leathery evergreen leaves that are joined in spring by small yellow flowers. Tolerant of any moist but well-drained soil, these versatile variations provide a vibrant bloom.

3. Photinia


Christmas berry ‘Red Robin’ is a striking evergreen shrub with bright red foliage in the spring when they’re young. A great hardy and low maintenance addition to a hedge.

4. Forget-me-nots


Dainty looking, but hardy, blue-purple flowers of the forget-me-not look lovely on banks and borders. They’re a popular plant for pollinators, so bumble bees and butterflies will love them too.

5. Camellia japonica


The attractively solitary flowers that appear in white or pink contrast beautifully with the glossy green foliage. Preferring a sheltered spot and acidic soil, these shrubs can grow up to 12m tall.

6. Bergenia cordifolia


In winter, large wavy leaves are tinted purple, and in spring deep pink flowers bloom. They’ll grow well in any moist but well-drained soil if they have full sun or partial shade.

7. Leucothoe fontanesiana


Dog hobble have beautiful, drooping white pitcher-shaped flowers, best in acidic soil if positioned in partial or full shade. This evergreen is a hardy choice for a low maintenance garden.

8. Primula Candelabra


These colourful hybrids found in pink, red, purple, yellow and orange look fitting in a cottage garden with their tall stems. Well suited for poorly-drained soil, they’re a low maintenance addition.

9. Magnolia


Admirable goblet or star-shaped flowers that love a sunny or paritally shaded spot. Magnolia stellata is a great choice for a small garden, they’re hardy plants and can be grown in

10. Aubrieta


These mat-forming evergreens have attractive foliage, in spring complemented by pink or purple four-petalled flowers. Preferring a sunny spot, these are a great choice for a coastal garden.

These plants are sure to make your garden the most colourful escape, with plenty of options to invite the pollinators in.

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