We have welcomed spring which means there are plenty of gardening jobs to get involved in. As a follow on from the first quarter of the year, here is the next instalment for April to June so you can garden every day of the year.

So, here are 91 things to do in the garden to keep you busy between April and June.



1. Sow cucumbers indoors

2. Sow pumpkin seeds indoors

3. Sow runner beans indoors

4. Sow lettuce outdoors

5. Sow Brussels sprouts outdoors



6. Harvest radishes

7. Harvest rhubarb

8. Harvest salad leaves

9. Harvest asparagus


Other tasks

10. Protect your fruit blossom from late frosts

11. Plant second early and maincrop potatoes

12. Plant summer flowering bulbs

13. Plant sweet pea seedlings

14. Deadhead your daffodils once the flowers fade


15. Put in support for growing peas

16. Turn the compost heap to speed up the process

17. Repot any houseplants that need to be in bigger containers

18. Plant up your pond with marginal plants and oxygenators

19. Harden off tender plants before planting them out

20. Check your greenhouse for any pests

21. Give your border plants a boost with a liquid or granular feed

22. Spruce up your containerised fruit trees by replacing the top layer of compost and some fertiliser

23. Mulch the base of fruit bushes

24. Tie new shoots of climbers to their supports

25. Plant potatoes in bags on the patio if you are low on space

26. Mow the lawn

27. Ventilate your greenhouse

28. Use newspaper to protect the seedlings in your greenhouse from sun scorch

29. Feed your lawn

30. Keep an eye out for weeds and keep them under control



1. Sow pumpkin seeds indoors

2. Sow marrow seeds indoors

3. Sow sweetcorn outdoors

4. Sow broccoli outdoors

5. Sow chard outdoors



6. Harvest beetroot

7. Harvest rhubarb

8. Harvest broad beans


Other tasks

9. Plant hanging baskets indoors

10. Pinch out the tips of seedlings in the greenhouse

11. Trim your hedges to keep them neat

12. Plant the hardened off seedlings of leeks

13. Prune hardy fuchsias


14. Treat timber structure with preservative and stain if dry weather

15. Prune early flowering shrubs after flowering

16. Plant up a summer container

17. Water your container plants to keep moisture levels up

18. Deadhead any dying flowers

19. Remove any raspberry canes that are far from rows

20. Pot on aubergines, cucumbers, and peppers

21. Remove dirt and algae from patio, paving and walls

22. Take cuttings from houseplants to propagate

23. Sow new lawns or repair bare patches in grass

24. Tie in climbing roses

25. Feed rose plants with specialist feed

26. Divide and replant waterlilies when they show signs of growth in your pond

27. Take softwood cuttings to propagate e.g. fuchsias

28. Install decking or other seating areas in the garden

29. Train cordon tomatoes in the greenhouse

30. Earth up potatoes and cover the shoots with soil as they appear

31. Sow herb seeds outdoors



1. Sow pak choi

2. Sow turnips

3. Sow salads



4. Harvest early potatoes

5. Harvest gooseberries

6. Harvest cherries


Other tasks

7. Plant tender vegetables

8. Pour water on the floor of your greenhouse to keep it cool

9. Plant outdoor tomatoes

10. Prune lilac

11. Water and feed greenhouse plants


12. Keep an eye out for pests and keep them under control

13. Deadhead roses

14. Prune mountain clematis

15. Begin preserving soft fruit

16. Prune variegated shrubs by checking for foliage that isn’t variegated

17. Top up the pond water

18. Keep topiary in good shape

19. Prune evergreen shrubs

20. Neaten up your lawn edges

21. Stake any plants that need support

22. Water and feed houseplants

23. Pinch out sideshoots of cordon tomatoes

24. Propagate climbers by layering

25. Remove blanket weed from the pond

26. Add grass clippings from mowing the lawn to the compost heap

27. Check and repair structures like pergolas and arches

28. Introduce suitable houseplants to the garden for a summer holiday

29. Check the products in your shed and discard any out of date chemicals or products

30. Ensure your greenhouse has enough shade to stop scorching

Let me know what you are up to in your garden and if you are gardening everyday from April to June. Tell me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.