Through autumn and into winter, it may seem like our gardens are dormant and that there isn’t much to do. However, this is the time to get a head-start on next years crops, as well as keeping things ticking over and protected from frosts so they bounce back come spring.

So, here are 92 things for you to do through the last 3 months of the year…



1. Sow peas outdoors

2. Sow broad beans outdoors

3. Sow sweet peas in a cold frame or greenhouse



4. Harvest carrots

5. Harvest beetroot

6. Harvest potatoes

7. Harvest pumpkins

8. Harvest swedes

9. Harvest turnips

10. Harvest autumn cabbage


Other tasks

11. Prune blackberries

12. Plant spring-flowering bulbs

13. Take cuttings of plants that might not survive the winter outside

14. Prune blackcurrants

15. Plant up a long-lasting container


16. Order bare-root fruit trees and bushes

17. Prune roses to avoid wind rock

18. Gather leaves together to make leaf-mould

19. Continue deadheading spent flowers

20. Empty pots that aren’t frost proof and move them inside

21. Store dahlia tubers indoors

22. Prune summer-flowering jasmine

23. Apply mulch to your beds and borders

24. Clear away runner bean supports, composting any remains

25. Plant garlic cloves

26. Give plants a lift by raising pots onto bricks or ‘pot feet’

27. Plant conifer hedges

28. Compost any trimmings when tidying up your garden

29. Plant onion sets

30. Plant spring cabbages

31. Remove old tomato plants



1. Sow overwintering broad beans under cloches

2. Sow cyclamen for next year



3. Harvest cauliflowers

4. Harvest cabbages

5. Harvest kale

6. Harvest parsnips

7. Harvest carrots

8. Harvest leeks


Other tasks

9. Prune fruit bushes once dormant

10. Plant tulip bulbs (if you haven’t done so already)

11. Wash out all empty pots and trays and put them in the shed for safe storage

12. Prune deciduous trees and shrubs

13. Check tree ties are in place for support


14. Clear the guttering of greenhouses of debris

15. Prune grape vines

16. Cover spring flowering bulbs with netting or wire to protect from squirrels

17. Plant bare-root hedges

18. Repair any fences and trellises ready for winter winds

19. Start using a heater in your greenhouse if keeping tender plants over winter

20. Keep food and water replenished for wildlife

21. Prune autumn-fruiting raspberries

22. Insulate outdoor taps and pipes with foam to prevent freezing

23. Clean out bird boxes in preparation for next spring

24. Put cloches over hardy annuals

25. Plant rhubarb

26. Plant bare root roses

27. Test your soil type to help you choose the right plants

28. Wrap tender plants with fleeces

29. Clear out faded cucumber plants from the greenhouse

30. Plant garlic



1. Sow broad beans outdoors

2. Sow lamb’s lettuce indoors



3. Harvest Brussels sprouts

4. Harvest celery

5. Harvest turnips

6. Harvest celeriac


Other tasks

7. Prune apple and pear trees

8. Clear out the shed and reorganise tools ready for the season ahead

9. Plant amaryllis bulbs indoors

10. Order well-rotted manure for mulching over winter

11. Prune blackcurrants


12. Cover up your plants in greenhouses with fleeces on cold nights

13. Clean your pots and seed trays to be reused

14. Bring in bulbs for indoor flowering

15. Go on snail and slug hunts and remove them from plants by hand

16. Prune climbing roses

17. Keep your houseplants watered

18. Plant deciduous shrubs

19. Keep bird feeders topped up

20. Plan your beds and order seeds for next year

21. Organise your seed packets and check the ‘sow by’ dates

22. Plant out winter salads

23. Look after festive houseplants

24. Prune blackcurrants

25. Cook a delicious Christmas feast using your homegrown veg

26. Place a ball in your pond to stop it freezing over

27. Store hoses and sprinklers indoors so they don’t freeze

28. Move your containers into a sheltered spot in a huddle for shelter

29. Recycle or plant out your Christmas tree

30. Take care to not walk on frozen lawns as it can damage the grass

31. Take a minute to appreciate your garden and all it’s provided in the past year

There’s still plenty to be getting on with through autumn and winter. So, let me know what jobs you’re doing and if you are out gardening every day. Leave a comment below or tell me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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