As we step further into summer our gardens are busy places full of flowers, foliage, fruit, and veg. So be sure to keep up with all the jobs and activities in the garden by using this list to inspire you to garden every day of the year.

Here are 92 things to do in the garden to keep you busy between July and September to keep you gardening every day.



1. Sow turnips

2. Sow chicory

3. Sow Florence fennel

4. Sow biennial flowers

5. Sow spring cabbages



6. Harvest courgettes

7. Harvest garlic

8. Harvest onions

9. Harvest peas

10. Harvest potatoes

11. Harvest salad leaves

12. Harvest tomatoes

13. Harvest strawberries


Other tasks

14. Prune cherry trees after fruiting

15. Plant leeks

16. Deadhead pond plants to encourage blooms

17. Give wisteria a summer prune by reducing long shoots to 3 buds

18. Prune rambling roses once flowered


19. Plant winter brassicas

20. Prepare container plants before going on holiday

21. Prune summer-flowering shrubs after flowering

22. Take photographs of your garden to use as a guide when winter planting

23. Order potatoes to grow ready for Christmas

24. Feed shrubs with a liquid feed

25. Prune gooseberries

26. Divide bearded irises

27. Sow hardy salad for crops in autumn

28. Water the compost bin in hot weather to prevent it drying out

29. Plant autumn crocus bulbs

30. Keep an eye out for aphids and rub them off when you spot them

31. Deadhead dahlias



1. Sow pak choi

2. Sow radishes

3. Sow spring cabbages

4. Sow rocket



5. Harvest courgettes

6. Harvest French and runner beans

7. Harvest summer squashes

8. Harvest sweetcorn

9. Harvest tomatoes

10. Harvest beetroot


Other tasks

11. Freeze herbs for winter use

12. Sow hardy annuals for colour in early summer

13. Raise the cutting height of your mower so the grass can cope in hot weather

14. Prune summer raspberries once they’ve finished cropping

15. Harvest, dry and store onions


16. Cut back rambling roses

17. Check that your greenhouse heaters work now ready for autumn/winter

18. Top up bird baths with water

19. Prepare the soil if you are laying lawn in autumn

20. Plan your spring plants and order bulbs for planting in autumn

21. Cut flowers regularly for your indoor displays to encourage more to grow

22. Start to force bulbs for winter displays

23. Deadhead perennials and annuals to keep them flowering

24. Keep an eye out for weeds and dig them out

25. Cut off strawberry runners

26. Trim lavender to keep it neat and compact

27. Keep an eye out for potato blight

28. Ventilate the greenhouse

29. Cut back tomatoes so the energy goes into swelling and ripening of fruits

30. Collect seeds from your plants to sow more

31. Finish summer pruning free-standing and trained apple trees



1. Sow spinach

2. Sow Japanese onions

3. Sow pot marigolds



4. Harvest kale

5. Harvest maincrop potatoes

6. Harvest courgettes

7. Harvest autumn raspberries

8. Harvest autumn cabbages

9. Harvest chillies and peppers


Other tasks

10. Prune hedges

11. Place netting over ponds to catch the leaves

12. Weed, rake, and spike your lawn to start autumn lawn care

13. Prune blackberries

14. Transplant any evergreens you want to move


15. Apply a later of organic mulch to bare soil on the vegetable plot

16. Plant fruit trees and bushes

17. Take hardwood cuttings

18. Plant spring bulbs like crocuses and daffodil

19. Leave faded sunflower heads in place to feed seed-eating birds

20. Overwinter tender plants

21. Pot up herbs like chives and parsley on a windowsill for use in winter

22. Clear the greenhouse of spent crops

23. Plant bulbs in lawns for a naturalistic look

24. Cut away any leaves covering pumpkins so the skins can ripen best

25. Give tall plants support with stakes

26. Trim any floppy stems of perennials back

27. Store apples carefully

28. Fill in gaps in the border with late-flowering perennials

29. Keep picking sweet peas so they carry on flowering until winter

30. Trim evergreen hedges before temperatures begin to drop

This is a wonderful time of year to be out in the garden. Let me know what jobs you’re doing and if you are out gardening every day. Leave a comment below or tell me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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